I’m Brook Kornegay and if you are familiar with gardening, bet you will love it here. A bit about me- I’m obsessively passionate about rich quality, hazard-free production of foods and occasionally- breaking the conventional system, to the point that made me pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Sustainable Systems.

Brought up in the US, I traveled a bit to settle, work, and discover. At long last, I am now residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I had quite a desire for high-quality agricultural conditions and to make people learn their rights and the need for them. Driven by this very passion, I spent many of my years serving as a sustainable agriculture educator. Also, I participated in other major volunteer activities working actively holding PDC (Permaculture Design Certification), making myself eligible to certify others. 

Since I was a kid, I cannot say the thought of chemically grown foods didn’t annoy me. Living in the US’s busy cities, it’s more complicated to grow your own food or even a farm to support. These concerns led me to do something for ordinary people who has the same views as mine- healthy foods for healthy living. On Fertilizer Guide, we guide people to educate themselves about the right kind of fertilizer they need for production.

I’m excited to bring the science back to the soil and bring back the best food as they should. I’m equally interested in essential oils, permaculture, biodynamic agriculture, and of course, community building. That’s what motivated me for [website name] and my regular podcasts on them.

Starting from just the right fertilizer to the expert’s guide for choosing the perfect garden tools, our articles cover it all. Along with that, I help people share their reviews and case studies for the tools they use and occasionally, share ‘gardening tips’ for my people. After you have been helped with the preparation for your garden, the next thing you know, the website posted aftercare for this. So you can tell, I am very invested in the process.

If you catch me outside of work, you will find me goofing around the Blue Ridge of Mountains with my husband, my boy, and my dog. Or weirdly enough, you can find me randomly advising someone about gardening and the importance of hand-grown fruits and vegetables. If you think you would love to be that ‘someone’ I was reporting about this stuff, I’m sure you would want to stick around here too.