How to Get Dark Green Grass?

How to Get Dark Green Grass

Who doesn’t love to get a dark green and weed-free lawn? Yes, we all love to get dark green grass on the lawn. But how to get it?

Getting a green grass lawn is not so tricky when you learn why it doesn’t happen. The root cause will lead you to get a dark green grass lawn.

In this article, I will share every information on getting a dark green grass lawn.

Are you curious to learn the secrets? Continue reading this guide.

Why are My Lawn Grasses Not Dark Green?

Are you thinking about getting a darkish green grass lawn overnight? Actually, it is impossible. You will need to make sure that you are following the correct ways to get that vibrant colour.

Below are a few reasons for not getting a darkish green grass lawn.

Dry Grass

Dryness is one of the most common reasons for grass not turning green as projected. And it happens due to the lack of not pouring water on the grass regularly. As a result, instead of getting greenish, grass turns yellowish.

The discoloration will happen when you water the grass improperly and insufficiently.
And it happens during dry seasons or areas more. For instance, Texas is near the desert, and improper irrigation will surely make your lawn grass yellow.

So, grass discoloration happens when the grass does not get sufficient water regularly.

Improper Mowing

Proper mowing keeps lawn grass healthy and pleasing. Did you see I used the word “proper”? It is because improper mowing will make your lawn grass unhealthy and unpleasant.

It is significantly essential to learn the right procedure of mowing plants. When the mower cuts more grass than necessary, it happens. For the accurate results, about one-third of the lawn should be left after the raw cut. Too shortcutting of the grass will lead the grass to discolouration, and vegetation may get damaged.

Cutting grass with too hefty or dent blades is harmful and will also give you a bad result. Many problems happen because of these types of blades that can kill the grass or fade it.


If you are unaware of different grass diseases, you might have no idea about the multiple diseases that can happen because of improper care.

Grey leaf spot, Pythium / Rhizoctonia / Fusarium blight and to name a few are the most common grass diseases. These diseases can cause the fading away of the actual green colour from grass and often kill it entirely.

The rapid growth of these diseases can happen when proper precautions are not taken. Often these diseases attack other plants and vegetations. Right fertilizers, along with grass-friendly herbicides, are the best option to cure these diseases. However, frequent replacement of the older grass to new grass is necessary.

Continuous Stepping Over

Do you step over your lawn grasses constantly? The discolouration will happen when you do this daily. The worse news is, continuous stepping over may kill your lawn grass entirely.

This is why you will see a signboard with “No Walking On Grass!” in many public lawns.
The only solution to this problem is to keep the feet out of the lawn grass. Some people love to spend their quality time with their family and friends on lawns, and it is advisable to avoid continuous stepping over the same place. And without any emergency, stepping over is prohibited.

Tips to Getting Dark Green Lawn Grass

Considering the above-discussed issues and with a ready mindset, the below steps will help get dark green grass in your lawn.

Planting the Correct Grass

The truth is, without the right seed of the grass, you will not get a lawn with dark green grass. Plants like Bermuda Grass or Manilagrass will give you a darker green lawn. Also, Kentucky Bluegrass or Bahiagrass is a bit lighter but is an effective option.

The truth is, all species don’t show similar growth characteristics in all seasons.

Some species can’t grow well in winter, while some show less-growth in summer. It would be best if you decide to pick a mixture of 1 or 2 grass types. Plant seeds from those plants that meet your requirement the most.

Picking the Right Fertilizer

After picking the right grass type, it is significantly essential to select the right fertilizer too. This is one of the most critical factors that you can’t deny. So, attention is necessary in this regard.

Nitrogen works as a catalyst in terms of growing grass faster. And it would be better if the fertilizer contains less phosphorus.

Also, pick a fertilizer that discharges minerals and nutrients gradually. You must buy fertilizer that can nourish your grass efficiently.

You will need to keep in mind that you have to apply lawn fertilizer depending on the plant type and season. Spring and fall are the best fertilizing seasons so that the grass can stay strong in the cold season and raise health in the next spring.

Your green lawn grass will be greenish, darker, healthier, and thicker only when you pick the right fertilizer.

Regular Watering is the Secret

Many of us don’t pay attention to watering the lawn grass regularly and adequately. Grass takes water as food, and along with the water, they absorb all nutrients from the earth that they require. So, always remember to water your grass.

Daily watering will ensure the required outcome. Whenever watering, make sure to soak a minimum 6” of soil. As a result, the ground will remain wet, and the grass will absorb minerals and nutrients for the whole day.

Don’t forget to keep in mind that some grasses require less water compared to others. However, that doesn’t mean you will stop watering them regularly.

Cleaning and Protecting is a Must

Weeds and unwanted vegetation can cause your grass to lose color. Even your grass can be killed often. So, do proper checking every 15 days and eliminate all weeds and unwelcomed plants.

Also, don’t pour or throw any unwanted things on the lawn that can block sun rays. Even prohibit walking or stepping on the lawn area.

Discoloration and all other unwanted issues will not arise once you decide to clean and protect your lawn grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does my lawn grass have dark green spots? How to get rid of it?

Answer: Fungi that live in the soil are the main reason for creating dark green spots in the grass. Fungi releases nitrogen that turns grass into the darker green. Once the fungi colony grows, it blocks water flow to the turf roots, and thus dead spots are created.
Remove all unwanted vegetation from your lawn.

Question: What is the best time to water a lawn?

Answer: Early morning is the best time for watering a lawn. Evaporation happens when watering at midday. On the other hand, lawn diseases increase because the water drop gets stuck with the grass overnight when watering at night happens.


As stated earlier, with the right information, getting dark green grass on the lawn is not a challenging task. All you need to do is, take consistent care of your lawn grass.